A Jewish Dating Site That Delivers

As a devout Jew in a small community, I used to despair of ever meeting  someone I could build a life and start a family with. My faith is hugely important to me, and for a long time I embraced loneliness rather than date outside my faith. My rabbi suggested Jewish-Match  , a Jewish dating site he had heard good things about from his neice, and so I joined up, figuring it was a chance worth taking, if it mean I’d gain a social life. I was always skeptical about online dating and doubly so of a Jewish dating site as I had heard a lot of “niche” dating sites were over-hyped at best. Boy was I wrong!

I connected with Nissim a few weeks after I joined and I was impressed by his courteous manner, his devotion to Judaism and his forthrightness about wanting (eventually) a wife and family. He also had the most intense brown eyes I had ever seen.. something about him drew me in. After a month of online communication at Jewish-Match I met Nissim for a date, and we both fell for each other that first date! We took things slowly of course, as we both wanted a lifelong commitment, plus there was a little distance involved so we had a few things to sort out if we were truly going to make things work between us.

Long story short, Nissim and I were recently married. I recommend Jewish-Match as a Jewish dating site I fully trust and endorse to my girlfriends, and other Jews looking for a partner who shares their faith.


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